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Chemical Engineering

Admissions and Financial Aid

While most applicants for the graduate program have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, it is not necessarily a requirement. Applicants who hold degrees in chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials science, or any engineering discipline are encouraged to apply. Students admitted with such backgrounds are normally required to complete some undergraduate chemical engineering courses. The exact program is tailored to each applicant's previous training. However, because of these additional courses, students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than chemical engineering who are interested in terminal M.S. (i.e., not Ph.D.) degrees are generally not encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Visit the Graduate School's Admissions page to learn more about the application process and admission requirements. If you are an international student, visit the International Student Admissions page.


Fall - January 8 (August enrollment)
Spring - August 1 (January enrollment)
Summer - December 1 (June enrollment)

Under certain situations, applications received after these dates may still be considered. Contact James Edgar if you cannot meet the posted deadlines. Offers of admission and financial aid may be made in advance of these deadlines if a completed application is on file.

Financial Support

Financial assistance is typically provided for graduate students in the form of a stipend. Stipends are paid semimonthly and are awarded as research assistantships or research fellowships. As part of their degree requirements, all graduate students serve as teaching assistants twice during their tenure. These duties involve assisting the faculty in the undergraduate or graduate instructional programs. The time commitment is normally four to eight hours per week.

Contact the CHE office with any questions:


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