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American Institute of Chemical Engineers

OXE Officers

Johnathan Weidmaider

Vice President
Derek Parke

Jeffrey Payne

Kendal Smith

Tutoring Co-Chair
Chloe Alexander

Tutoring Co-Chair
Chiaki Kamiyama

Omega Chi Epsilon (OXE) is the Chemical Engineering Honors Society representing the high academic achievers in the department.

One of our main goals is to increase OXE's involvement in the chemical engineering department. As part of this initiative, our president and vice president tutor Transport Phenomena (CHE 530). In addition, several of the officers and current members host a peer advisory session each semester to give advice to underclassmen on beneficial course selections.  We also occasionally provide tours to freshmen in the general engineering course who are interested in chemical engineering.  Throughout the semester, OXE hosts several social events including game nights and a popsicle social.

K-State's OXE chapter is also growing steadily; OXE welcomed 17 new members this semester on November 4th.  Next semester, we will play a large roll in Open House with work on the interactive booths and competition displays, so keep an eye out for us!

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