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American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Open House

Welcome! Open House is a campus wide event that introduces high school students to the university and to all of the majors. Open House occurs every April. It is a particularly big deal at the College of Engineering, as all of the engineering departments compete to have the best Open House exhibits. The Department of Chemical Engineering got 1st in 2018 and 2nd in 2019. In 2019, students used their knowledge from classes such as Chemical Process Analysis, Transport Phenomena, and Senior Design to create interactive, easy-to-follow displays to show what chemical engineers really do.
Being involved with Open House is a great way to get involved in the department and get to know students and professors throughout the entire department. In addition, it is a great networking experience. If you would like to be involved with Open House 2020, please contact Ashley Bartels at atbartels@ksu.edu or Alyssa Cooke at amcooke@ksu.edu


 Open House Last Year

Open House 2013

Figure 1: Open House 2013


Open House 2012

Figure 2: Open House 2012