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Chemical Engineering

Chem-E Car

The Chemical Engineering Car (Chem-E-Car) is a shoe-box sized car that is powered by a chemical reaction. Chemical Engineering students of all levels contribute through their knowledge of chemical reactions, physics, circuits, and thermodynamics. The competition requires a payload of water up to 5000mL to run a distance between 50 and 100 feet within two minutes. The 2014-2015 K-State Chem-E-Car Student Design Team took two cars to their regional competition in Lawrence, KS last spring. The team took home 1st place in the poster competition and car performance with its pressure driven vehicle, the “Bill Snyder Family Chem-E-Car” that stopped six inches closer than the second-place car. The team qualified for national competition and traveled to Salt Lake City, UT last fall. At nationals there were 34 qualified teams, six traveling from across the world. The K-State Chem-E-Car Student Design Team took home 2nd place in the poster competition and 14th in the car performance.

At the 2016 regional competition, the battery driven "K-State Model S" took 1st in the poster presentation, while the "Bill Snyder Family Chem-E Car" took 3rd.   During the performance competition, pressure car raced into 1st, while battery car steadily made its way to 3rd.  While the top three placers at regionals are eligible for the national competition, each school may enter only one car.  The K-State Chem-E Car Design Team can again look forward to competing nationally this fall.
You can read more about our victory at the 2016 regional competition here.
For more information, contact Aaron Spicer (aspicer33@ksu.edu).